Data is at the heart of the digital world, but too much data can be overwhelming and confusing. We offer analytical services to help businesses better understand their customers and optimise their performance.

Data cleansing

Your data intelligence is only as good as the data that goes in. We offer data cleansing so that businesses can focus on what the data is telling them, and not debate the trustworthiness of their reports.

Data enrichment and integration

Tap into the data-rich resources of the web and the open-data movement. Imagine integrating your own data with fresh updates from your followers, likes, or freely available data from local, state and federal governments to create compelling reports and dashboards.

We offer no-boundary data enrichment so you can get insights that siloed data sources can’t offer. We integrate your data silos and open it to external data sources to offer a whole new possibilities that are not just confined to reports and dashboards.


“If your only tool is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail”.

Do you require that extra industry insight, experience or technique to get more insightful reports and dashboards? We offer training in KNIME, Excel and SQL to help businesses get more from their data.