We are problem solvers! Our goal is to offer solutions for businesses to achieve their objectives through better use of data

Data Solutions

We are experienced with 20+ years’ expertise building data platforms, reports and dashboards for the finance, telecommunications, insurance and not-for-profit industries.


We are problem solvers and our goals are to provide independent, sustainable and practical solutions for businesses to tap into the power of their data

Workflow Automation

We help businesses realise their digital ambitions by transforming manual processes to fully automated workflows without boundaries. Imagine seemless flows between cloud, databases and visualisation tools...

Intellityc Data Services is an Australian company established to help businesses make the most of their data. It has expertise building data assets (analytical platforms, data lakes, reports, and dashboards) for the finance, telecommunication, insurance and not-for-profit industries.

We offer:

  • data strategy consultation
  • build and implementation of data platforms,
  • reporting and analytical services,
  • data cleansing and enrichment, 
  • Training in Excel, SQL and KNIME


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